I am an entrepreneur, product & marketing strategist, designer and artist. I've co-founded several companies, launched tons of websites, exhibited work in various U.S. cities, and been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I'm obsessed with learning and I know a lot about painting, the internet, social networks, anthropology, art history, wine, human anatomy, furniture, cooking and golf. When I was little I believed that people kept learning and changing until they knew absolutely everything, and then they would die and move on to something else because they were done here. I am currently still on that mission.

So this is my portfolio, yes, but of more than just my strategy and design work, or my info architecture, or my entrepreneurship. In fact it's not even exhaustive in those areas; I've only shown highlights, for the most part. It's trying to be a portfolio of everything I do, and of all the experiences and projects and interests and obsessions that have made me into Me. Mostly it is professional or educational or non-personal stuff, but not completely, since I seem to have a natural tendency to combine the three.

Actually now that I write that, I realize I consider all of it to be fairly personal, in the best and most open sense of that word. But in any case, click on things to the left and they will mostly open over here, with further links appearing as well. Certain things, like my art portfolio, will open new windows because they should be viewed standing alone instead of within this context.

This is, of course, a work in progress!