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An architect’s (Dad’s) view of Europe (1980, 1983)
Speaking French in France (1988)
Studying in India (1991)
American West via station wagon (1992)
Backpacking in Southeast Asia (1994)
Excursions in the Iberian Peninsula (1994, 1996, 1997)
I love Italy (1994)
By train across Canada (1996)
Quick jaunt to the UK (1998, 1999, 2000)
Halfway around Iceland (1999)
I love Italy (1999)
I love Italy (2000)
Halfway around Iceland (2001)
I love Italy (2002)
Lovely & friendly Australia & New Zealand (2003)
Wow, the Caribbean is very close (2003, 2005)
Becoming attached to Zürich (2004, 2004, 2005, 2005)
Daughter-Mother bonding in Berlin (2004)
I love Italy (2004)
I love Italy (2007)
Becoming attached to Zürich (2007)

Whenever I go on a trip longer than, say, 3 days, I make a Book. If you travel with me, you must help make the Book, or make your own Book. The Book is the ultimate souvenir, filled with sketches, watercolors, candy wrappers, instant photographs, notes, maps, lists, entry tickets and whatever else can go in there to help keep the memories fresh.

I have travelled quite a bit (although never enough!) and still have most of the Books; the links to the left will display excerpts from them. And I have travelled with many different folks, some of whom made Books far better than mine. In that case I show their Book, or both, and note that at the top, because it's capturing and expressing the trip that is my true goal here.