Bloomingdale's Window with Apartment Therapy


I was asked by the folks at Apartment Therapy to design a window at the main Bloomingdale's store here in New York, on Lexington Ave between 59th & 60th Streets. It was part of a competition called the Big Window Challenge, to help promote the relaunch of Bloomingdale's furniture department by designing a room with furniture from the new lines they carry. Two other guys and I each designed a window showing a living/dining area set-up, as if in a small apartment. Mine includes a wall mural made from a photo of the Eiger in Switzerland, a crazy Ikea-hacked chandelier I made, lots of beautiful ceramic gnomes made by Alyssa Zygmunt (www.BROOKLYNrehabNY.com) and a bunch of art by me and some other excellent people, including Jason Polan, Shawn Creeden, Luke Strosnider, Dustin Amery Hostetler, and Clifton Burt, much of which is available as limited edition prints at 20x200!