Jane Mount

My work is about emotions, and how we are driven most in life by our feelings and our desire to connect to other people. I'm interested in those emotions, and in how we go about forging and destroying those bonds. I'm also fascinated by our connections to animals, and why and how we venerate/love/nurture some and not others.


Jane Mount was born in Atlanta, got a degree in anthropology at Davidson College in North Carolina, and studied painting in Italy through the University of Georgia. She moved to New York in 1995, just in time to drop out of a then pro-installation/anti-painting MFA program and join the Internet boom instead. She co-founded and helped launch several successful Internet ventures, and continues to work in the field.

Jane has shown her work in galleries in San Francisco, Portland, and New York. She works mainly in gouache, acrylic, oil, ink and milky gel pens. She tends to paint people and animals, and objects that have as much personality as people and animals do, at least when painted. She is fascinated by humans, and by our all-consuming need to connect.

Jane is obsessed with continuing her education and now knows a lot about art history, wine, anthropology, human anatomy, Swiss food, furniture, and golf. When she was little she believed that people kept learning and learning until they knew absolutely everything, and then they would die and move on to something else because they were done here. She is currently still on that mission.


  • Generations 5 group show | A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY | Mar 2006
  • Wall List group show | Broadway Gallery, New York, NY | Nov 2004
  • Shrinky Dinky group show | The Art Nucleus, Portland, OR | Nov 2004
  • Paintings solo show | Warp Gallery, Brooklyn, NY | Apr 2004
  • Generations.o4 group show | A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY | Mar 2004
  • 52 group show | The Art Nucleus, Portland, OR | Feb 2004
  • Feathered Friends group show | Motel Gallery, Portland, OR | Jul 2003
  • Birds+Boxes solo show | Steel Pond Gallery, Portland, OR | Jun 2003
  • Jetstreams two-person show | 66balmy Gallery, San Francisco, CA | Apr 2003